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Working Groups & Task Forces

ASBC's Working Groups and Task Forces provide members with an ongoing opportunity to shape and engage in our policy work.

Working Groups are organized around major, policy or issue areas, (e.g. energy/environment, tax reform, safer chemicals, responsible workplace, etc.) and they meet on an on-going basis. The working groups are designed to: act as a body of advisors to ASBC staff; help us think long-term; define principles that guide the on-going work within a policy area; identify new opportunities; provide spokespersons; and mobilize members to support  specific campaigns. They meet every two or three months; are supported by ASBC staff and guided by ASBC members who serve as co-chairs.

The following working groups currently operate:

Each ASBC member is encouraged to participate in at least one of the working groups listed above. To register, please use this form.

Task forces serve to bring members together on a short-term basis to gather insights and information to meet a particular policy challenge. Two examples include a sustainable agricultural focused task force assembled to work on the 2014 Farm Bill and another on crowdfunding and financial regulatory reform during 2012. If needed, a more permanent working group might be formed as a longer-term campaign takes shape. 

For more information about participating in a working group or task force, please contact:
Richard Eidlin, Vice President of Policy & Campaigns.