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November 1, 2011
ASBC Action Fund Vice Chair Frank Knapp published an op ed in The Hill outlining the flaws in the Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011 (RAA).
October 31, 2011
ASBC's support for sustainable economic development is highlighted in a Washington Post op-ed "Solyndra’s Failure Shouldn’t Deter Government Investment in Solar Power" by Sherri Pittman, vice president of relationship marketing at Sungevity in Oakland, CA.
October 10, 2011
Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 361 today to spur the creation of high quality jobs in California through benefit corporations.  The legislation, introduced by Assemblymember Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), creates a new class of corporation in California called benefit corporations that are legally required to pursue the... read more
October 5, 2011
ASBC partners Business for Shared Prosperity and the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce were featured in Business News Daily's "Progressive Small Business Groups Often Go Unheard."
September 26, 2011
Richard Cordray is an excellent choice to lead CFPB. His years of public service have led him to develop deep expertise in consumer protection. As the Attorney General of Ohio, Cordray was a national leader in fighting foreclosure scams and ensuring that mortgage lenders and servicers obeyed all consumer finance laws. Both as... read more
September 21, 2011
In "Let upper-end Bush-era tax cuts expire," which appears in The Hill, Frank Knapp, Jr., president & CEO of ASBC partner The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, endorses President Obama's proposed jobs plan and roll back of the Bush-era tax cuts.
September 9, 2011
The American Sustainable Business Council congratulates President Obama for putting forth a bold and practical jobs proposal that will help rebuild the economy. ASBC is a network of business associations and businesses comprising more than 110,000 companies committed to a vibrant, sustainable and equitable economy. The proposal... read more
August 26, 2011
Richard Eidlin, Director of Public Policy & Business Engagement, makes the case for strong protections against ozone in "Ozone standards: Good for the public, good for the economy" on The Hill's Congress blog.
August 24, 2011
John Bryson, President Obama’s nominee to lead the U.S. Commerce Department is an excellent choice. Mr. Bryson is a well-seasoned and thoughtful business executive. With America’s global economic influence increasingly challenged, our country needs visionary private sector leadership to advocate for initiatives to expand and... read more
July 26, 2011
Locavesting's Amy Cortese blogged about ASBC's letter to Speaker Boehner in "Beware politicians protecting 'small business.'"


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