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Over 500 Businesses Join with ASBC to Protect Net Neutrality

Yesterday the American Sustainable Business Council and over 500 businesses filed an open letter with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) raising concerns over the agency’s proposed repeal of Net Neutrality rules that prevent Internet Service Providers from blocking, throttling, and charging extra fees.

You can read the letter and learn more about the issue on our Net Neutrality action page.

“The open Internet has made it possible for American businesses to present our best ideas to the world’s markets without interference or requiring permission from Internet gatekeepers,” said Richard Eidlin, Co-founder and Vice President of Policy for ASBC. “The FCC’s proposal to do away with Net Neutrality threatens to upset this level playing field that all businesses rely on to compete.”

Mac Clemmens, Founder and CEO of ASBC member Digital Deployment, penned a blog in opposition to the changes:

“When I was 20 years old, I was able to start a web development company from my dorm room,” Clemmens said. “Today, I have [net neutrality] to thank for a multimillion dollar company.”

Read the blog here.

ASBC welcomes businesses concerned about maintaining an open, competitive Internet to learn about the benefits of ASBC membership as well as the other issues we advance on behalf of our members to build a more sustainable and just economy.

Source Author: 
Ryan Rabac
Source Publication Date: 
August 31, 2017