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Net Neutrality Hits Snag in CA; Fight Continues

Yesterday, a California State Assembly Committee failed to pass strong net neutrality protections. Instead, it amended and voted for a watered down version of the bill ASBC supported.

ASBC and its members supported the original bill because it was a comprehensive bill that would have reinstated the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) 2015 open internet order and provided the California Attorney General with the authority to enforce those rules.  Strong net neutrality rules and enforcement are key to maintaining a fair and open internet, which is necessary for the exchange of ideas, job creation, and business growth.

While yesterday’s outcome was a setback, the full California State Assembly still has time to pass a strong net neutrality law. ASBC will continue fighting on behalf of its members to advocate for the restoration of strong net neutrality protections.

Interested businesses can sign the business support statement here:

Read more about CA legislative actions and ASBC’s response in the full press release.



Source Author: 
Bob Keener
Source Publication Date: 
June 21, 2018