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Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative Launches

A group of women entrepreneurs recently launched the Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative (I-WE) that seeks to significantly increase resources that support the growth of women-owned businesses by leveraging private, corporate, and government grants and capital.

Women entrepreneurs who get support through coaching, capital, and connections build strong, sustainable businesses that create financial security and fuel our economy. Women-owned businesses are a proven catalyst for financial security and economic growth. Today, these companies generate more than $1.6 trillion in revenues and employ nearly 9 million people. This is particularly impressive because women businesses only receive 4% of commercial loan dollars and only 10% of SBA loans, despite the fact that they represent 30% of all businesses in the United States.

I-WE held their first leadership meeting at ASBC’s offices on March 7, where they discussed key strategies to advance their work. ASBC has long supported efforts to expand access to capital for women business owners, and we are proud to support I-WE’s mission and see so many ASBC-affiliated women as part of the leadership team!

To learn more about the Invest in Women Initiative, go to

Source Author: 
Eliza Kelsten
Source Publication Date: 
March 21, 2018