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Heard on the Hill: United States Senate Hearing on the Importance of Paid Leave

On July 11, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on the importance of paid leave. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) testified in support of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, better known as the FAMILY Act. ASBC supports the FAMILY Act, as it is the sole bill in Congress that provides for a comprehensive, sustainable, and inclusive paid family leave program. We submitted a statement for the record prior to the hearing detailing the business case for paid leave. Read the statement.

The current federal law, the Family and Medical Leave Act, is woefully outdated and inadequate, Namely, because it only covers around half of all American employees, while providing only 12 weeks of unpaid leave. The FAMILY Act would create an affordable and comprehensive leave policy that would cover all American employees and provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave.

ASBC’s member businesses recognize that paid leave policies are beneficial for both employees and their bottom lines. Businesses with paid leave programs have experienced increased employee productivity and a rise in their profits since paid leave reduces both worker turnover and the accompanying costs. These businesses understand that paid leave programs working in conjunction with other high-road workplace practices incentivize their employees to work more productively and reliably because their employers are doing the same for them.

ASBC is planning on holding a Capitol Hill Advocacy Day on Paid Leave during the week of September 10th. If you plan on participating, please email John Minor at To join ASBC’s growing coalition of businesses that support the FAMILY Act and paid leave, please visit

Source Author: 
John B. Minor
Source Publication Date: 
July 30, 2018