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ASBC Supports Amicus Brief on Clean Water

ASBC helped prepare an amicus brief, submitted to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on January 26th supporting the Clean Water Rule. 224 businesses, from diverse sectors, signed onto the amicus brief.  Prepared by Environment America, the brief made the case that the EPA Clean Water Rule is vital to the economic livelihood of a wide range of businesses, including; high tech manufacturers, farmers, craft brewers, coffee shop owners, florists, outdoor and hospitality companies. Repealing or voiding the rule could cost these businesses millions of dollars each year.

The Supreme Court has now taken up the question whether the case should be heard in 6th Court (located in Cincinnati) or in a federal district court. ASBC will continue to work to show the courts, the Trump Administration and Congress that businesses want to preserve, not repeal, the rule.

In a press call, announcing submission of the brief, Jenn Vervier, Director of Sustainability & Strategy at New Belgium Brewing noted that “clean water is vital to making excellent beer. We support the clean water rule because we need to protect the streams that feed our rivers, and the livelihoods of the millions of people in the brewing industry throughout the county.”

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Graham Willard