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Member Profile

Small Business Minnesota

Small Business Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide association that promotes members’ interests by advocating for the real needs and priorities of small businesses, and by providing opportunities for networking and mutual support.

Members represent such diverse industries as Consulting (non IT), IT Consulting, Marketing Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Computer Services, Law Firms, Printing, Insurance, Construction, Exporting, and Television Production.

Together members are working to influence policy and public opinion. Small Business Minnesota is educating the media and state legislators about the real needs of small business, supporting policies that will promote member values, and activating a diverse group of self-employed persons and small business owners statewide for mutual benefit and the benefit of local communities.

Small Business Minnesota supports small business interests by promoting:

  • Strong local economies that stimulate demand for small business products and services to create more jobs
  • Policies that help small businesses grow and thrive
  • Smart investments in education, health care, the environment and infrastructure
  • Fair taxes that strengthen the middle class
  • Efficient and effective government