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New Voice of Business

New Voice of Business promotes economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the United States. Its mission is to inform, engage, and mobilize an influential network of business people—a unified new voice of business to advocate for a sustainable economy and encourage triple bottom line business practices.

Like other business groups, New Voice’s goal is to create a healthy business climate in this country. Unlike the “old voice” of business, however, the organization believes that the long-term health and prosperity of business requires a healthy and prosperous society and that both business and society must operate within nature's limits.

New Voice's membership is comprised of roughly 2,000 individual business professionals, most of whom are entrepreneurial leaders of small and growing businesses representing a cross section of industries and functional areas in addition to general management.

New Voice educates its members and the general public through seminars with leaders in the sustainability movement. It provides its members with opportunities to engage in policy and bring a longer term business perspective to the major issues of the day.