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Business for a Fair Minimum Wage

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage is a network of forward-thinking business owners, executives, and investors. Business for a Fair Minimum Wage informs, mobilizes, and publicizes business support for public policies and business practices that expand economic opportunity, reduce inequality, promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability, and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure for long-term success.

We organize business support for fair taxation and smart public investment. We are supporting responsible corporate tax reform, working to reverse top-rate tax cuts, and leading the Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse campaign to end tax dodging, support a level playing field for business, and stop rewarding the offshoring of profits and jobs.

Our Business for a Fair Minimum Wage campaign organized unprecedented business support to win the three-year federal minimum wage increases beginning in 2007. We are working to raise the minimum wage at the state level and gearing up for a new federal campaign. With less buying power than it had in the 1950s, today’s minimum wage impoverishes working families and undermines our communities and our economy.