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SoundBite Services

At SoundBite Services, we aim to present voices—and images—of social responsibility. The “real stuff” sustainable businesses are doing is quietly transforming the world, and that story needs to be told—and heard —by millions more every day.  We are public interest journalists, and we founded SoundBite Services (SBS) to create a vehicle for mission-aligned businesses, non-profits, agencies, foundations, campaigns, and public-minded individuals to insert their own voices into the news of the day, in a socially responsible way.

Today, technology is shifting power and influence to those who can control the initial account of events, called “first accounts” in media research jargon. We create and distribute those first accounts in a credible and transparent way to help broaden the dialogue and increase the diversity of views presented by news media.

In addition to working to help get the small voices of our community their fair share of air time, we also help other journalists do their job faster and easier; and, 100% of our profits go to fund independent journalism through our partner Public News Service.