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Dividend Solar, Inc.

Dividend Solar offers loans to homeowners looking for a better, simpler way to go solar. Through a direct lending platform, Dividend Solar connects creditworthy homeowners, customer-centric installers and large-scale financial investors, creating partnerships and aligning interests to enable all members of the solar value chain to benefit.

With its full-service EmpowerLoan, Dividend Solar has created a new type of solar financing product. Dividend Solar offers all of the benefits of a solar lease — system performance guarantees, product warranties, hassle-free maintenance, and system monitoring — along with the significant financial upside from solar ownership.

Dividend Solar's mission is to reinvent the way people invest in energy infrastructure. By serving as the bridge between large-scale capital and individual homeowners, Dividend Solar lowers the cost of going solar and accelerates the spread of renewable energy across America. Dividend Solar offers a new way to think about and invest in solar: solar is no longer just an environmental dream, it's an economic reality.