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Danaher Oil

Skill, friendliness, market knowledge, and persistence pushed Danaher Oil to the forefront of all Midwest oil brokerage firms and made them a recognized leader of refined product brokering. Their success is due to establishing long term relationships with clients based on trust and solid trade execution. Five skilled brokers represent the company and serve primarily the Mid-continent region, including both the Group 3 and Chicago-area and Ohio refined fuel markets.

Danaher Oil is located in Fairfield, Iowa, a small rural city with a population of 10,000. Fairfield is recognized as one of the most innovative small cities in the country, having been named the most Entrepreneurial City in America in 2003. In 2013 Fairfield was named by Smithsonian Magazine one of the top 10 Best Small Cities in America to Visit. Danaher Oil is a prime example of how a company with quality people, a strong niche market, a harmonious family atmosphere, and a long-term commitment to customers and the community can grow and thrive outside of major metropolitan areas.