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Hunter Lovins

L. Hunter Lovins is President and founder of the Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS). NCS educates senior decision-makers in business, government, and civil society about the principles of sustainability. Natural Capitalism is regenerative of human and natural capital while increasing prosperity and quality of life. In partnership with leading thinkers and groups, NCS creates innovative, practical tools and implementation strategies for companies, communities, and countries.

Trained as a sociologist and lawyer, Hunter is also a professor of sustainable business management at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Bard College, and Denver University, and the Chief Insurgent of the Madrone Project. In her 30 years as an intellectual insurgent in sustainability, Hunter has written hundreds of articles and 14 books. The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save Our Economic Ass (2012) succeeds her international bestselling book, Natural Capitalism, now in use in hundreds of colleges. Her latest publication, Creating a Lean and Green Business System won the 2014 Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing Research.