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The American Sustainable Business Council works to develop a vision and policy framework for a sustainable market-based economy. A truly sustainable economy requires stewardship of all types of resources -- social capital, financial capital, intellectual capital, and natural capital. All these must be nurtured to make the economy productive, resilient, competitive, and equitable. The idea of stewardship and wise investment to secure future prosperity is neither conservative nor liberal, neither Democrat nor Republican. It is a fundamental tenet of successful business. And it is a core component of the American Dream.

Our call for a sustainable economy flows from both pragmatic and moral considerations. From a moral standpoint, we recognize the fundamental rights of all people to develop their talents, earn a living wage, and be treated with dignity in the workplace.

From a pragmatic standpoint, without sustainability our economy will stagger under the weight of rising inequality and other externalities. All people engaged in the economy are interdependent. Each is both consumer and producer, both earner and spender. These roles must be kept in balance: Jobs are created when consumers have money to spend, and destroyed when they don’t. Companies can’t succeed unless customers have money to spend and the confidence to spend it.

Based on these principles we engage in a wide range of policy issues. We work to explain the need for sustainability to policy makers, business leaders, and the public at large. We seek opportunities to develop new policy alternatives and business practices that reflect triple bottom line criteria (people, planet, and profit) and lead toward a more sustainable economy.