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By helping you say YES to buying the products and services that support jobs within your community, our mission is to keep all of US working. YES.US reports and indices give you needed insights to compare and contrast the job impacts of your buying decisions.

Now, you have the power to make decisions that keep as many jobs as possible close to home.

EcoFriendly Printer

EcoFriendly Printer started shortly after the 20th anniversary of earth day, 1990. EcoFriendly is  constantly moving with the times and using eco-based certified materials as they become available in the marketplace to achieve our goals. This is demonstrated in the evolution of paper that it offers. EcoFriendly first started promoting 100% post-consumer waste (paper made from paper), then moved onto chlorine free paper (which avoids producing dioxins, a deadly toxic chemical when mixed with other chemicals it can cause cancer) and now offers Tree Free Paper made from materials such as hemp, denim, sugar cane, bamboo, coffee, banana, mango, lemon. And 100% PCW (2nd generation tree free).