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Business Supporter (Silver)

Business Supporter (Silver): Companies contributing $500 to $999

Breaking Ground Contracting

Breaking Ground Contracting is a commercial and institutional general contractor who has been redefining construction for over ten years. Its team is rich and diverse in both its culture and experience. Breaking Ground Contracting's employees have a minimum of 15 years experience in their respective fields, and have specialized experience beyond general construction. This includes mechanical contracting, commissioning, estimating, project management, education and training. Breaking Ground Contracting uses Its diversity and experience to enrich each project and offer consultation to its clients and partners

Tiny Human Food

Tiny Human Food produces a line of scrumptious small-batch, organic, cold-pressed tiny human food which gives parents an opportunity to invest in the health of their child/ren every time they pick up the spoon. Tiny Human Food is full of the vitamins and nutrients that nature intended for them to have, rather than stripped of their natural goodness in order to be able to sit on a grocery store shelf for a year. Tiny Human Food is proud to offer you a superior alternative option and do its part in creating a much healthier next generation!