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Boston GreenFest

Boston GreenFest, to be held on August 16-18, 2019, aims to educate and empower people to create a more sustainable, healthier world. Organized by the nonprofit, Foundation for a Green Future, this signature three-day event will mark its 12th year. Revitalized by our new venue on the Rose Kennedy Greenway and Long Wharf, we expect significant foot traffic and excitement across the city. Prior years have seen upwards of 25,000 people per day at the largest public expo in New England highlighting green technology solutions.

Exhibitors and EcoVendors are welcome to showcase their eco-friendly products and services. For-profits and nonprofits alike are encouraged to be sponsors. From emerging start-ups to established Fortune 500 firms, you'll gain meaningful widespread visibility for your sustainable offerings outdoors on the Greenway and Long Wharf, or indoors at the Massachusetts GreenTech Expo (Saturday, August 17th). Our events are free to the public. Our theme this year is Connecting Land and Sea. Be better stewards of our environment, share ideas and together with us, Do It the Green Way!

Mindful Leader

Mindful Leader is a Social Impact B Corp, headquartered in the Washington DC Metro Area. Its mission is to foster the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. Through collaboration and alliances with non-profits, universities, corporations, experts in neuroscience, organizational behavior, leadership development, mindfulness, and compassion, Mindful Leader curates and convenes events, learning communities and educational resources to inspire, develop, and connect leaders.