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Business Leader (Platinum)

Business Leader (Platinum): Companies contributing $10,000 or more

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Bethpage Federal Credit Union began in 2003 as an approved community charter serving the citizens of Long Island.  13 years later Bethpage is functioning as the Largest Credit Union of the Northeast serving individuals, small businesses, and large organizations with a universal goal of enriching the lives of their members, employees, and communities.  Bethpage bolsters uniqueness by solely operating for the benefit of their member owners, not shareholders.







Durst Organization

For 100 years, The Durst Organization has been a family-run business dedicated to the principles of innovation, integrity, community, and sustainability. The Durst Organization develops, builds, owns, and manages premier office towers and residential buildings that set new standards in environmental responsibility and user efficiency. Its enduring relationships with tenants and partners are critical to its success and have made The Durst Organization generations of builders, building for generations.