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Business Ally (Gold)

Amalgamated Bank

Amalgamated Bank is the bank for people who care what their money does in the world. It is committed to environmental and social responsibility. Amalgamated Bank is net-zero and powered by 100% renewable energy, and have a long, proud history of providing affordable access to the banking system, supporting immigrants and affordable housing, and being a champion of workers' rights.

Gat Creek

Gat Creek approaches furniture manufacturing in a holistic manner and takes pride both in what it creates. Gat Creek actively supports the responsible management of forests and understands the importance of sustaining biodiversity. Thanks to its locally sourced material and production, Gat Creek avoids oil-intensive shipping, deforestation and the unmitigated pollution that's allowed with overseas production. Sustainability is a continuous improvement process within its organization that was started over 15 years ago. Gat Creek is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and holds Silver Exemplary status. Gat Creek focuses on five key tenants: Raw Materials, Energy Minimization, Waste Reduction, Social Equity & Product Lifecycle.