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Our Commitment to Environmental & Social Values

In light of recent controversies surrounding Charlottesville, the NFL and the increasing polarization around issues of equity in our nation, the following letter from ASBC member Marstel Day’s CEO, Rebecca R. Rubin, to the company’s employees caught our eye.

The recent display of racism in Charlottesville, and the hurricane-force events and their aftermath in Texas, have brought to the fore some very troubling social and environmental issues of our times – prompting me to write this letter to you reaffirming our founding commitment to environmental values and to social equality, fairness and dignity.

As the CEO of your company, I commit to you to do everything in my power to advance our mission and continue to build on our ecological and humanitarian work and principles. Further, I believe that all CEOs in all industries are called to do the same as a matter of leadership, as some have already done. In this day and age, if one cannot lead in the spirit of environmental values and social justice, then one cannot lead at all.

On November 6, 2017, Marstel Day will commence its 16th year in business as an environmental consultancy. We launched in 2002 as a small startup dedicated to pioneering work in conserving large landscapes and protecting natural resources and habitat; we've not just held onto but actively cherished, nurtured and grown from our roots even as we've evolved into a more established firm.

At Marstel Day, our mission calls upon us to respect and enhance the natural world; through this, we enhance the lives of those in it. It makes me proud, every day, to see us distinguish ourselves as ethical human beings operating within a company by respecting other life on the planet, including humans who share this planet with all other species.

Marstel-Day's twin commitments to conservation and social responsibility are the living core of our mission; never has there been a more important time for all of us within and outside the company to fulfil that mission with our words and deeds. As the world’s population expands, fragmenting habitats and creating new social issues and divisions, our Company's commitment to conserve finite natural resources and promote social tolerance becomes even more important.

In the wake of Charlottesville and the human rights at stake, I am outraged by the moral and ethical faltering if not outright poverty of mind where instead there should be national leadership. There should be no need for soul searching to condemn bigotry; no need to debate principles of justice, equality and tolerance; no moral equivocating. Respect for others should be as natural as breathing.

In the wake of Galveston and the human lives and ecological resources at stake, we have witnessed a persistent downplaying if not outright dismissal of climate change and its potential for creating and exacerbating disruptions of human lives, ecology, and food webs. All the relief efforts combined cannot undo the damage done by considered neglect of scientific principles and the studied indifference to mitigating climate effects – such as could be accomplished through enhanced ecological values and resources such as climate buffers.

At this critical juncture, we must resist the temptation to succumb to becoming overwhelmed and fatigued by the perpetual, unceasing onslaught of infringements to social justice and environmental values. The void of ethical leadership at the national level should instead compel us to act affirmatively in our own rights and with whatever resources are at our disposal. Failure to act, failure to speak out against the same moral poverty denounced here condemns us all to the same.

As our 16th year approaches, please join me in reaffirming our commitment within our Company -- and with those outside the Company with whom we work -- to our founding principles of environmental and social justice and responsibility: respect and reverence for all life on Earth. I plan to share this letter with others outside of our company, and you should feel free to do the same.