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We Are Still In

Despite the Administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, businesses, state and local governments, and other institutions are moving forward. In 2016, thousands of mayors, governors, businesses of all sizes, colleges and universities, and institutions signed the pledge to say they were still committed to fighting climate change and driving down carbon pollution. Now organizations from all sectors are making specific commitments about what they are doing to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

On Earth Day 2018, We Are Still In launched a new campaign to increase commitment to climate action. ASBC worked with the We Are Still In coalition to develop the commitments for small and medium businesses (generally defined as businesses with less than $500M in annual revenue). The range of commitment areas include understanding your greenhouse gas emissions; increasing energy efficiency and/or renewable power; removing climate impacts from your supply chain, packaging, and transportation; reducing other climate pollutants; and getting engaged in community resilience and climate policy efforts.

Now we need businesses like yours to sign up and commit!

Please visit the website today and tell your story about what you have already done to curb climate change impacts and commit to further targets to help the U.S. reach its emissions goals.

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